The presence of a lit fireplace in your home guarantees instant warmth, illumination, and ambiance, and the authentic cracking sound of wood as it burns into ash is second to none. A fire is a source of natural coziness, and a fireplace is the vessel that makes it possible for the element to exist safely within your home. For anyone who enjoys company while cooking in their kitchen, the addition of a fireplace would easily entice your family or friends to join you and cozy down by the fire with a hot cup of tea.

Some kitchen fireplaces can be versatile, too, and can lend you a helping hand in the traditional preparation of recipes. A wood fireplace that doubles as a pizza oven, or brewing small batches of rich hot cocoa over a glowing open flame? Don't mind if we do.

With the welcoming of December, we can prepare for a few months of cold and dreary weather. To help make those chilly nights feel a lot more manageable, lets cozy down in front of a kitchen fireplace. Or at the very least, lets imagine your very own kitchen fireplace, and escape to the warm and cozy paradise of the dream home in your head.

For the romantic at heart, here are 6 Varieties of Glowing Kitchen Fireplaces to illuminate any dreary winter blues.



The addition of a brick fireplace in your kitchen makes for an instant warm and inviting space. Brick fireplaces are among the most popular of traditional styles, and were a common fixture in farmhouse homes before the introduction of electric heating. Go for classic red brick for a conventional kitchen, or edge toward contemporary with a fireplace made from painted bricks. For an established farmhouse feel, stick with white appliances and cabinets.






The addition of a stone fireplace to your kitchen makes for a dramatic and rugged touch. Anything goes when it comes to working with stone, which means stone fireplaces can be constructed out of rocks big, small, jagged, or smooth. The combination of stone walls and exposed beams work perfectly in rustic cabin kitchens, and pair well with dark appliances or dramatic dining room furniture.




Wood Burning

A necessary addition to the wood-burning fireplace in your kitchen? A permanent copper pot display hanging right above it. A traditional wood-burning fireplace is a time-honored amenity that will never go out of style, and the heat of the open flame will almost instantly guarantee warmth to your kitchen. Pair with light or stainless steel appliances for a sophisticated and rustic pairing, and don't forget to stock up on dough for your next Saturday night pizza-making party.





French Eclectic

A traditional French-style kitchen has a noticeable open hearth at its heart, inviting all in its presence to settle down with a hot espresso or warm slice of bread. A French kitchen pairs well with either brick fireplaces or fireplaces with painted wooden mantels, and the addition of brass or copper hardware to appliances, light fixtures, and cookware will also give your kitchen an instant 'European countryside' feel. So sophisticated, and cozy!





Light & Airy:

Whether your preferred look is beachy or farmhouse, a light & airy household will instantly gain an unparalleled illumination with the addition of a fireplace in the kitchen. An exposed powerful element like fire won't cancel out any established femininity, just stick with light painted bricks or wooden mantels painted in muted colors for your fireplace. Pair with light appliances in white or muted pastels.





Not all kitchen fireplaces have to be rustic stone affairs or contemporary works of bricklaying. A traditional fireplace will quickly lend an established feel to your kitchen, whether it be constructed of dark wood, brick, or marble. Top the mantels with copper cookware, candles, or a decorative hanging wreath to showcase your expressive and classic kitchen centerpiece. Pair with eye-catching stainless steel appliances for a refined and mature feel.





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