Gold, silver, and bronze as the metal trifecta date back thousands of years, although these days we’re blessed with numerous types of metals to play around with in our homes.

Your kitchen, by necessity, is filled with cold, hard surfaces. Luminous metallics add comfort to your kitchen, making your space feel sophisticated and glamorous. The use of metallics can really warm up the atmosphere, adding extra shine and glitter while capturing the eye of all who enter it. 

How do you make it work in your space? Do you want metallics to steal the show, or simply act as accents to the rest of your decor? These days, anything is possible, and metallics can basically be used anywhere in your kitchen. Kitchen cabinetry is now commonly seen completely draped in gold, silver, or bronze, with matching countertops to boot. Gold and copper sinks are also taking center stage, paired with matching metal hardware on faucets and knobs. Or if you want just a touch of metallic glam, the addition of shiny metals to cabinet hardware or kitchen accessories will add a light sparkle to the space.

All that glitters is gold. And silver, copper, rose gold, bronze, and nickel. Here are 6 Metallics That Look Stunning in Your Kitchen


1.) Gold

Gold in your kitchen can be used on a variety of surfaces, either stealing the show or simply acting as a glittering accent to the rest of your kitchen decor. There are many different tones of gold to choose from, ranging from warm tones to cool tones. If you're like King Midas and go gaga for gold, use the bold metal on kitchen cabinets, countertops, or as the backsplash behind your kitchen sink or stove. If you prefer just a touch of gold, use it as an accent metal on cabinet hardware, light fixtures, or on your sink handles.

Gold pairs well with lighter shades like white or gray, while also complimenting more dramatic colors like navy blue, charcoal gray, rose pink, olive green, and black.

Big Chill 30" Stove with Brushed Brass Trim 


2.) Silver

Known for its elegant sparkle, silver is a glamorous metal that looks good in any kitchen. You can never go wrong accenting your kitchen with glistening silver, creating a welcoming atmosphere that is modern and impressionable. Silver works great on kitchen appliances, light fixtures, sink fixtures, or cabinet hardware for an instant touch of shine.

If you’re going for a modern, futuristic look in your kitchen, silver pairs well with white, blue, black, and gray. If looking for a more traditional look, silver adds a touch of glamour to more dramatic colors like navy blue, cherry red, or mint green.

Big Chill 30" Classic Stove with Chrome Trim


3.) Copper

Color-wise, copper is the closest to orange and the warmest metal on the spectrum. In your kitchen, copper is a surprisingly practical choice for many surfaces and accessories. Countertops maintain an elegant sheen and glow when covered in copper, and the metal is surprisingly easy to wipe down and maintain. Copper is a great material for water works too, as weathered copper ages well and looks great for sink fittings. As a rule of thumb, lighter coppers are more suited to contemporary rooms, while darker coppers look better in traditional kitchens.

Did you know? Copper actually has natural antimicrobial properties and has the ability to resist a wide range of bacterias. This makes copper a great choice for your kitchen sink or countertop.


4.) Rose Gold

Rose gold, also known as pink gold, has a very subtle and delicate color. Known for its shiny pink hue, rose gold is said to represent love. Rose gold has gained popularity in kitchen decor over the last few years and pairs well with a variety of colors and shades. Use rose gold in your kitchen on light fixtures, sink fixtures, cabinet hardware, or anywhere your heart desires.

Did you know? The more copper alloy in the metal, the deeper the rosy tones will be.


5.) Bronze

Bronze is a sophisticated metal, comprised of about 90% copper and 10% tin. The classic metal is darker than copper and has more cool tones rather than warm. Bronze turns green when it oxidizes, lending a tarnished look that can make your kitchen look worldly and cozy. Bronze is a bold metal that will still hold its own when paired with dramatic colors like black, hunter green, charcoal gray, or navy blue.


6.) Nickel

Nickel is a bright, strong, and lustrous metal that can be found in everything from the stainless steel used in our kitchen to the batteries that power our remote controls. Nickel has a silvery-white appearance with a slight golden cast, and often times can take on a more impressive sheen than silver can. Nickel is a sophisticated addition to your kitchen, matching pretty much any color you pair it with.


Big Chill 30" Classic Stove with Satin Nickel Trim


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