With a new year comes a new start, and a fresh wave of design trends that are often innovative and unexpected. It's only natural that with the start of a new year comes the urge to redecorate, renovate, and refresh our living spaces. These stunning trends are expected to gain popularity in kitchens in the new year ahead. Not all trends are keepers, but these trends we can actually get behind!

Cabinetry inspired by the moody blue and green shades of the ocean is expected to be on the rise, while shades of gray make for trendy neutral shades that will never go out of style.  Traditional metallics are in every year but expect to see them this year splashed across various surfaces and fixtures. The Pantone Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, will be popular in kitchens and home decor for the 2018 forecast. Or if you've always been a fan of complex statement tile in the kitchen, 2018 is the year for you.

Happy New Year! Here are 6 Kitchen Trends to Look Out for in 2018


1.) Black Appliances

Black appliances are hot in a new way, with interior designers finding more ways to incorporate them into modern kitchens. Black appliances add instant sophistication to both large and small kitchens, instantly providing a focal point for the eye to affix to. Black appliances are particularly striking when paired with metals, looking handsome with metals of all types and finishes.

Pair black appliances with copper kitchen cookware for a classic contrast, or pair with silver to instantly reflect light. Black and gold make for a dash of flash for your kitchen, while black and brushed nickel paired together make for a unique combo that is sure to impress.

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2.) Dark Blue & Green Cabinetry

Moody, ocean and forest-inspired shades are anticipated to be popular for kitchen cabinets in 2018. Blue and green have been called the "go-to" shades for the upcoming year by top design experts, as the cool shades were top choices in kitchens for 2017. Blue and green can be used on cabinets as the dominant color or paired with a variety of other complementary shades. Blue and green cabinets also work well with raw stone, wood stains, and various types of metals and finishes.


3.) Heavy Metals

From copper to rose gold, expect to see a rise in the use of metallics in kitchens for the upcoming year. Designers are constantly finding ways to creatively incorporate metals into modern kitchens and no amount of flash is too much. Sinks are now more commonly made of metal, and copper sinks are even said to have some antibacterial properties. Use metal on your cabinet or sink hardware for a pop of flash, or check out colored appliances with metal trim for a sophisticated clash of contrast.


4.) All Violet Everything

Pantone announced Ultra Violet as the 2018 color of the year at the end of 2017, and it's already poised to become a major trend in every aspect of home design. Ultra Violet is bold, dramatic, and unexpected, exuding a constant feeling of luxury and elegance. Use Ultra Violet on walls, cabinets, backsplash tile, or even on custom colored appliances.

Check out 


5.) Gray Gray Gray

Looking for a timeless, sophisticated neutral color that won't overwhelm even the most delicate of palettes? Expect to see kitchens in all shades of gray for 2018, from warm "greige" tones to cool-toned blue-gray hues. Gray cabinets pair with almost every popular kitchen finish, from raw stone, polished marble, brushed metallics, or wood stains. Or trying pairing gray walls with a bold accent wall, in vibrant shades like pink, green, orange, or yellow.


6.) Statement Floor Tile

Although we love a good statement rug, rugs aren't always practical or durable enough for the kitchen. Enter statement floor tile, which lends a more subtle pop of pattern or color than a bold backsplash at eye level.  Try pairing statement tile with cabinets and walls in neutral colors to keep overwhelming clashes and contrasts at bay. Statement tile also looks good with both colored and metallic appliances, depending on what suits your fancy.


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Happy New Year from Big Chill!