Beach blue is a color unlike any other, instantly conjuring up visions of the coast and seasons spent by the seaside. Inspired by the tropical shades of the ocean, this refreshing color is sure to turn any kitchen into an invigorating nautical oasis.

Looking to use beach blue in your kitchen? Don't be intimidated! There are plenty of ways to incorporate this vibrant shade into your kitchen theme. Whether you are looking for something more nuanced or for an invigorating pop of color, beach blue offers a little something for everyone.

Happiness comes in waves! Here are 5 Ways to Use Beach Blue in Your Kitchen.


1.) Appliances

Beach blue appliances can be the perfect way to add a refreshing pop of color to your kitchen, allowing you to keep everything else neutral and without overwhelming the senses. Beach blue appliances work well in kitchens with a nautical or coastal theme, or with kitchens simply looking for a splash of the cooling color. Beach blue pairs well with crisp whites, silver, tan, gray or wooden accents.


2.) Countertops and Backsplashes

A well-planned backsplash can easily become the focal point of your kitchen, with beach blue being the perfect color to add to your nautical theme. Use glass tiles marbled in shades of the refreshing blue, pairing them with complimentary colors or with various stones and treasures.

Looking to make a statement? Use beach blue tiles or pieces of glass in your kitchen countertops, creating your very own mosaic effect that your guests will love.


3.) Cabinetry

Beach blue painted on your kitchen cabinets will instantly wash you and your guests in the invigorating color whenever they enter the room. To create a look that is soothing rather than overwhelming, pair beach blue cabinets with complimentary colors like white, gray, silver, or tan. Beach blue cabinets also pair well with wooden accents, like wooden countertops, flooring, or accessories. Paint beach blue on your center island counter for an instant pop of color.


4.) Floors

Who says your floors have to be neutral? If you already have incorporated beach blue into your kitchen scheme, you can tie the entire room together with a creative display of the color on your floors. This can look incredible if done right - just be sure to keep the rest of your kitchen (somewhat) neutral as to not overwhelm the senses.


5.) Accessories

Not ready to commit to beach blue beyond a few simple touches? If looking to incorporate this invigorating color into your kitchen scheme without serious commitment, beach blue accessories can add an instant pop of personality to an otherwise neutral color scheme. Add beach blue accessories to an all-white kitchen for an instant nautical theme, or pair with contrasting accessories in shades of yellow, green, or cobalt blue.


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