If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Well maybe don't get out... But perhaps don't stand so close to the stove?

If you're looking to become a better home chef, it's time to kick any old or unhelpful habits and embrace new ones, fine tuning your culinary skills so even the most difficult recipes are handled with ease.

Kitchen organization is optimal, we know this. And any good chef knows that when the heat is on, you'll want to have your basic tools within reach so not a precious moment is wasted. The items that you store near the stove are a crucial part of your kitchens composition, and no good chef should feel unprepared. If you don't already keep these five essential items easily accessible from your stove, now is the time to start!

When you're cooking on your feet, you often have to think fast, adding a quick dash of oil or pulling that creme brûlée from the oven in the nick of time. Here are 5 Essential Items to Keep Next to Your Stove


1.) Cooking oil

Your most regularly-used oil should be kept directly next to your stove, making it easily accessible for those times when you're cooking up a storm and have to think fast. Keep it in a glass bottle or a cruet with a pour spout for easy pouring. You'll also want to be sure that this is your most regularly-used cooking oil, as some oils can spoil when kept close to a heat source.  By keeping the oil easily within reach of the stove, you'll ensure that this kitchen basic is easy to access, frequently used, and often-replenished.


2.) Pepper grinder & salt cellar

A dash of this, a dash of that. These kitchen staples should never be kept far from your stove, making them easily within reach so you can grab a pinch when needed. By pouring your salt in a salt cellar or a small bowl,  you'll make things more convenient and be able to have total control over how much salt you add to your dish. Keep your pepper in a grinder to ensure that every peppercorn is ground fresh, making for optimal taste and presentation.


3.) Wooden spoons

When it comes to kitchen basics, there isn't a tool more indispensable than a classic wooden spoon. When cooking, wooden spoons can be used for almost everything, so it's important that they are kept in a place where they are easily accessible. They also add a timeless look to your kitchen when stored in a utensil crock on the countertop next to the stove. Now everyone will know that this kitchen means business.


4.) Potholders

When it's time to take something out of the oven or lift up a hot lid, you don't have time to rummage through a drawer or find a dish towel that will hold up to the hot surfaces. Be sure to keep a pot holder or glove adjacent to your stove, so you can guarantee you'll always have something handy to help protect you when you're cooking up a culinary masterpiece.


5.) Fire extinguishers

Safety first. In case of a (gasp!) kitchen fire, you'll want to keep a fire extinguisher handy near your stove. You don't have any time to waste during an emergency, so storing it down the hall in the closet or outside in the garage might not be the safest option. Make sure this important tool is accessible from your stove and that you're prepared to use it if necessary. Plus with all of the creative and cute options they offer these days, you'll WANT to show off your kitchens fire extinguisher!


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