The last warm days of summer are fading into the sunset, leaving behind glowing shades of orange that will soon show on the changing colors of the leaves. Orange has a permanent place in nature, and if you're brave enough, can happily have a place in your home.

Orange is said to be the color of joy and creativity, generally associated with meanings of warmth, kindness, happiness, balance, and enthusiasm. A happy color overall, orange can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen and uplift the spirits of anyone who enters.

With fall approaching fast around the corner, we will soon start to crave the warm glow of a roaring fire. And when summer comes back again, we'll be craving the bright colors of hot, sunny days. Orange can do both!

The color orange has a strong personality, but that shouldn't leave you intimidated. Here are 4 Ways to Use Orange in Your Kitchen.


1.) Colored Appliances

Orange is a vibrant color, easily becoming the star of the show when used in home decor. In your kitchen, a little orange will go a long way. If looking to introduce color into your kitchen without completely overwhelming the space, a colored appliance will easily become the focal point of your kitchen when the rest of the decor is kept neutral. Try using an orange appliance in your kitchen, like a refrigerator or a stove, to add a welcome pop of color to any space. Pair with complimentary colors like silver, white, gray, blue, green, and yellow.


2.) Cabinets

For those who aren't afraid of a bold look, orange makes a bright and colorful statement when painted on kitchen cabinets. Orange cabinets will give your kitchen an instant burst of personality, creating a warm and friendly energy that will surely be felt by all visitors to your home. Pair with complimentary colors like white, blue, turquoise, green, and silver. Orange also pairs well with raw wooden surfaces and flooring.


3.) Backsplashes

Your kitchen backsplash is truly your opportunity to get creative, and the possibilities are endless. If looking to add a touch of orange to your kitchen, try introducing the shade in your kitchen backsplash. Use patterned tiles to complete a uniformed look, or craft your own glass mosaic to create a more custom design.


4.) Walls

The age-old way to add a pop of color to a space? Grab a bucket of paint. If looking to add color to your kitchen or home, why not try a good old fashioned accent wall? An orange accent wall in your kitchen pairs well with dark and sophisticated wooden cabinets (like the ones below), and also with adventurous paired colors like turquoise, navy blue, and various shades of bronze and gold.


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