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Looking to add a relaxed mood to any room? Pastels colors are said to generate calmness, stillness, and serenity. Pastel colors are dream-like, conjuring up images of sweet candy, spring wildflowers, or a pale pink sunrise in the morning.

In your kitchen, pastels are surprisingly easy to work with. Just they do in nature, pastels play well together and compliment one another when combined. Pastel pink, pale yellow, baby blue, and lilac are all found in nature and will work just as well on your cabinets or appliances as they would on a flower. Pastels can either be dressed up or down, looking sophisticated when paired with marble or distressed wooden components.

A pale yellow refrigerator? Periwinkle kitchen cabinets? Pastel green dining chairs? Pastel colors are soft and romantic, making them the perfect addition to a kitchen that likes to escape reality from time to time.

Here are 4 Ways to Use Pastels in Your Kitchen.

1.) Cabinets

A kitchen instantly feels dreamy when cabinets are painted in pastels, creating a light and airy atmosphere that translates across the entire room. Using pastel colors on your kitchen cabinets allow the room to feel somewhat neutral while still introducing color, pairing well with both light and dark colors. Pair pastel cabinets with patterned tile for a clash of vibrant and soft, or pair with marble countertops for a sophisticated look that is playful and approachable.  

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2.) Appliances

Your kitchen's appliances can handle a lot of color, creating an instant focal point that can command the attention of the room. Appliances soaked in pastel shades allow you to introduce color to your kitchen while still maintaining a soft and muted aesthetic. White kitchens can still stay light and airy with pastel appliances, or dark kitchens can get a delicate dose of color. Pair pastel appliances with a classic white subway tile backsplash, or with patterned floor tile for an unexpected combination.

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3.) Furniture

Pastel furniture is a unique way to introduce some pale hues to your kitchen, allowing you the freedom to play around with paint colors and combinations. Paint your dining room chairs in pastel colors, pairing with a distressed wood table for a shabby chic look. Or pair pastel chairs with a marble table for a look that is both elegant and playful. Pastel furniture can provide the perfect addition of color for your shabby chic or vintage-inspired kitchen.

Furniture 1Furniture 2

4.) Accessories

Adding playful accessories to your kitchen is always the easiest way to add some color, allowing you complete flexibility if the end result turns out a little differently than you anticipated. Kitchen accessories like dishware and cookware are available in nearly every color you can think of and pastels are no exception. Add a few pastel accessories to your kitchen for a soft pop of color, like a pale yellow Le Creuset or a set of pale pink serving spoons. Mix with complimentary pastel colors for a variety of shades or stick with one color for a soft and monochromatic look.

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