We've all heard the age old question - Why is the sky blue? A clear and cloudless day-time sky is bright blue thanks to molecules in the air that scatter blue light from the sun. Unlike a sunset, where the blue light has been scattered out of the line of sight, a daytime sky holds its striking blue color.

One of the calmest colors in the spectrum, sky blue is said to reduce stress, creating a sense of relaxation, order, and tranquility. One certainly feels a sense of calm when they lie on their backs, looking into an bright and blue endless sky. A true blue sky can lighten up even the darkest of days.

In your household, the use of the color blue is said to create these same feelings, evoking a sense of brightness and light which can make a home feel larger. Sky blue will lend vibrance to any area of the home you decorate it with, lending just the right amount of color without overwhelming the senses.

Sky blue is a unique and refreshing choice for your kitchen decor, and looks vibrant and sophisticated on a number of various surfaces and accessories. Try the shade on your cabinets, walls, accessories, or even your kitchen appliances to add a pop of color to your culinary haven.

Whats that, you say? Where am I going to find a sky blue appliance? With Big Chill's custom color options, we offer just that. Look for shade #5015 on our Custom Color Swatch.


Here are 15 Inspirational Pictures of Sky Blue Kitchens & Homes.

1.) In this kitchen, sky blue is the star of the show, adorning walls, cabinets, upholstery, and dining accessories. The color is bright but not overwhelming, due to its pairing with complimentary colors like white, brown, navy blue, and natural greens.


2.) Sky blue is used on the cabinets in this kitchen, evoking a tropical feel with paired colors like white, parrot green, and sea foam. The use of tropical plants and antiqued light fixtures make the space feel like a culinary paradise.


3.) If sky blue is one of your favorite colors, there is no reason to not cover your entire kitchen in it. After all, it's YOUR space! Take inspiration from this kitchen where sky blue is splashed across the cabinets and even onto the checkered floor.


4.) Sky blue works great as a color choice for an accent wall, or when used as the main color for a tile backsplash or tile countertops. The color also pairs well with floral prints and will maintain its sophistication when paired with marble countertops and neutral accessories like the kitchen below.


5.) Sky blue is the perfect color for a custom kitchen hutch, providing the perfect contrast to your white, gold, or silver dish-ware.


6.) Take inspiration from these refreshing kitchens, where sky blue is used primarily on the cabinetry. Sky blue is also a great color choice for your center island counter, giving your kitchen a colorful focal point without overtaking the space.


7.) Take inspiration from this hutch, where sky blue is used as the contrasting background to the crisp white cabinet doors and coordinating dishes.


8.) Sky blue steals the show on these kitchen cabinets, looking sleek and modern when paired with white, silver, and marble accessories.


9.) Keep it simple yet colorful in your dining area with furniture painted in sky blue.


10.) These dining areas use sky blue as a colorful focal point on furniture, upholstery, and dishes.


11.) These rooms are simply draped in sky blue, making for a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere.


12.) Use a sky blue


13.) These sky blue walls are the star of the show, looking neat and sophisticated when paired with neutral accessories, fun floral prints, or exotic potted plants and garden features.


14.) Take a cue from this living space. where sky blue is contrasted with bright whites and sophisticated tans. Or if you're feeling a little daring, take inspiration from the marbled blue floors below that look refreshing enough to jump into.


15.) Laundry won't be as much of a chore when surrounded by a tranquil color like sky blue.


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