A blast from the past and a view of the future? These 13 inspiring kitchen layouts feature pieces from our Big Chill Retro line of appliances, perfectly incorporating vintage aesthetics and meshing them with modern design.

Sometimes your kitchen just needs a vintage touch, drawing inspiration from the days when your refrigerator was still called an icebox. Retro appliance design is unparalleled, blending form and function to creature kitchen equipment that is one-of-a-kind. Luckily, these days we can lean more on form rather than function, creating appliances with retro aesthetics and contemporary performance.

Looking for retro inspired design with modern amenities? Look no further than our Big Chill Retro appliance line, featuring refrigerators, stoves, hoods, dishwashers, and microwaves. Our Retro line of appliances features period inspired design, finished in our signature powder coating for a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

Our designer color palette is carefully selected, featuring seven standard colors that span the shades of the rainbow. Looking for the perfect color? Our Big Chill Custom Color Swatch features over 200 custom colors.

Check it out! Here are 13 Must See Retro Big Chill Kitchen Layouts.


1.) Remodelled 1940's Bungalow - Portland, OR

This 1940's remodel is a remodel of an old 'ugly' kitchen, according to owner and designer Leslie Dawson-Mouzis.

The bungalow is located in Portland, Oregon and features the Big Chill Retro Original Fridge, Stove, and Hood along with classic 1960's laminate wood finishes and a shiny silver backsplash.

The use of brown, red and orange colors along with circles and square shapes (just look at that checkered floor!) make for a beautifully nostalgic retro kitchen.

2.) 1922 Bungalow - Dickinson, ND

This 1922 Bungalow project was a labor of love by owner and designer Rosemary H from Dickinson, ND. "We wanted to keep a vintage style in the home, and new appliances are a huge part of the aesthetic."

Both the Big Chill Original Retro Fridge and hood combo along with the 36" Retro Stove were ordered in one of our 200+ custom colors: purple.

"Ordering purple appliances is a little scary but the result is amazing."

The elegant white backsplash tile and classic cabinets perfectly compliment the bold eggplant purple appliances.

"I love these appliances, not just for the look but for the quality."


3.) Crystal Beach Home - Crystal Beach, TX

This light and airy kitchen in Crystal Beach, TX is the epitome of a relaxing beach home escape. Bright white cabinets are the perfect canvas for various pops of color in different shades of blue and aquamarine.

Various textures of natural wood used throughout the home make for an indoor seascape that is rustic and realistic. You can almost smell the sea breeze from here!

A beach blue Big Chill Retro Refrigerator compliments the small white subway tiles used on the backsplash along with the colorful recycled glass countertops.

This Texas beach home is fresh and classical vintage both at once.


4.) Victorian Gate Condo - Columbus, OH

This Victorian Gate Condo in Columbus, Ohio was a high end renovation focused on creating luxury finishes with a clean, minimalist design.

Accessories like the Big Chill Retro Refrigerator add pops of color against the natural white oak wood and neutral paint colors.

The addition of classic white subway tiles as a backsplash create the perfect canvas for the refrigerator and colorful kitchen accessories.

The result? Comfortable quarters just a few steps off of High Street where guests can rest, relax, and unwind from the city.


5.) Blue Stallion Farm - Southwest Ranches, FL

This quant little farmhouse style kitchen on a horse ranch in Florida is cozy and colorful. A Big Chill Retro refrigerator and dishwasher in mint green add cool color to the space.

The raw wooden cabinets and countertops contrast beautifully with the rustic stone sink.

"Our Big Chill refrigerator and dishwasher are the statement pieces and key features of the space."

We agree, and we love it!


6.) 871 Seneca - Buffalo, NY

This modern kitchen project, named 871 Seneca, took place in Buffalo, New York.

This new kitchen features gray cabinets, gray quartzite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. A rustic appeal is also added by utilizing the original brickwork of the building.

The sleek kitchen project is perfected with a pop of color from the Big Chill Retro Refrigerator in orange.


7.) Farmhouse Kitchen - South Haven, MI

This sparkling white kitchen in South Haven, Michigan is light, airy, and beautiful.

This shabby chic beach kitchen is blanketed in a crisp white, complete with a white Big Chill Retro refrigerator. Aqua blue accents make for refreshing pops of color.

Hardwood floors and a wooden center island counter add a raw and rustic appeal to the space.

Owner Amy says, "I bought an old tiny farmhouse and renovated it despite everyone thinking I was crazy. I was drawn to the retro vibe of the Big Chill Refrigerator, and bought the studio size because my house was so small! It fit perfectly!"

Add a vintage farmhouse sink and rustic light fixture, and voila! You've got yourself a charming and cozy beach kitchen.


8.) Sycamore Circle - Palm Springs, CA

A fabulous mid-century modern kitchen redone masterfully, featuring Big Chill appliances, custom tile, and cabinets.

This light and airy kitchen in sunny Palm Springs features a colorful backsplash pattern that captures the eye immediately.

A creatively designed center island counter provides the perfect space for guests to hang while you prep dinner or drinks in the kitchen.

The addition of Big Chill Retro appliances in turquoise make for a kitchen with a vibe that is both classic, fresh, and unique.


9.) Big Chill Black with Purple Accents

This eye-catching kitchen features Big Chill Retro appliances in black, accented by the bright purple countertops and crisp white cabinets with glass windows.

The intricate tile backsplash pairs well with the orange floor tiles in a beautiful honeycomb pattern.


10.) Big Chill in Cherry Red

This kitchen uses Big Chill appliances in classic cherry red to provide bright pops of color and personality.

The stone floor tiles compliment the raw brick used as a backsplash behind the kitchen cabinets.

A Big Chill Retro Dishwasher tucks perfectly into the corner next to the sink, perfectly utilizing the space and making for easy cleanup.

A Big Chill Retro Refrigerator in cherry red is tucked snugly into the corner by the coffee bar. That looks like the type of refrigerator that is always stocked with ice cold sodas - yum!


11.) Freedom is Never Free - Retro Bar

This saloon-style underground watering hole is cozy and inviting. A Big Chill Retro Refrigerator in cherry red helps keeps the drinks cold, the garnishes chilled, and the ice frozen.

Fancy a game of pool? This pool table features a red velvet surface, perfectly complimenting the appliances in the adjoining bar.

Open up the fridge, crack open a cold one, and watch the game. Lets go Hogs!


12.) Country Cottage Kitchen - Bountiful, UT

A collection of our favorite things: retro appliances, vintage dishes, fresh flowers and all things sparkling white! (Including the Big Chill Original Retro Refrigerator)


13.) Complete apartment renovation in 2014 - Mexico City, Mexico

This quaint and charming apartment in Mexico City features a Big Chill Retro Refrigerator in beach blue. We love the refreshing pop of color it adds to the space!


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