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We’ve Moved! Take A Look At Our New Warehouse

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Big Chill has moved to a bigger warehouse workspace! We still call beautiful Boulder, Colorado home, and now have even more space to chill out.

Because Big Chill refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves are assembled right in Boulder, the new warehouse gives us the increased capacity for assembly and storage we need to serve our clients even better.

Take a look at the photo gallery below to see where the Big Chill magic happens at our new warehouse and offices.

We like to keep it colorful. These RAL color samples hang in our main office, and double as wall art!

 This is the hallway that connects our offices, and leads to the warehouse.

This shot is from inside our spacious warehouse. This is where we store, and assemble all fridges, dishwashers, and microwaves.

This is the view from behind our warehouse: Beautiful Boulder Colorado!

Big Chill Fridge Featured in Artist’s Home

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New York Magazine’s Spring Design issue is celebration of seasonal style, and we’re so excited to be featured in it! Among the spaces showcased is the springy Big Chill kitchen of renowned artist Kathy Ruttenberg.

Kathy Ruttenberg’s work brings together the natural and the whimsical—and her home design is no exception. With eclectic charm and one-of-a-kind pieces, Kathy’s home is a feast for the eyes.

In the feature, a photo gallery welcomes viewers into Ruttneberg’s upstate New York home, and into her Big Chill kitchen. White country chic cabinetry, playful window treatments, and an artful area rug (made by Kathy) give the space whimsy and warmth—and our white Original fridge brings the chill. The retro polish of the Original in white brings a modern edge to the design.

We are thrilled to be a part of the magazine’s Spring Design issue, and to see our fridge in artist Kathy Ruttenberg’s home. Click on the photo below to view the photos from the issue. For more about Kathy’s home design, and work, click here.


Treat Yourself to Summer Style—and Sweet Eats

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Summer is about fun. With over 200 customizable and 8 classic colors to choose from, you can style your Big Chill kitchen for year-round fun. Check out some of our favorite summer colors, and if you want to stir up some summer fun, try the seasonally sweet recipes that match!

Give your old banana bread recipe a break and try these fast, easy, and delicious banana cup

You won’t disappoint when you bake your favorite treats with this Wall Oven in Buttercup Yellow.

 Cool down with this delicious frozen lime torte, a perfect mix of citrus and berry that willdazzle your taste buds (and your dinner guests)!

The possibilities are endless with this Jadeite Green Stove. From gourmet to simple home cooking, this stove will help make your dream meals come true.

Try this twist on a classic summertime beverage turned dessert. These Raspberry Lemonade Bars are a perfect cool treat on a hot summer day.

The Original size Fridge in Pink is fun twist on retro, and is sure to refresh your kitchen style this summer.