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Big Chill’s Newest Look: The Retropolitan

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Recently we added another fridge to our family of retro-tastic kitchen appliances, and we couldn’t be more proud of our new creation! If you love our Big Chill Original look, then you’re going to love what we’ve done with our new design! The Retropolitan is an adaptation of our novel appearance; we’ve stepped out of our 1950s niche to create a ‘60s charm that will light up your kitchen with new fun design features. We’ve added a gorgeous and functional bottom slide-out freezer and a sharper rectangular form that will look sleek in your kitchen. We’ve kept the authentic chrome trim and powder coated paint finish to complete the style. With 18.5’ cubic feet of space, you’ll have all the room you need to fit that delicious homemade apple pie you’ve been meaning to make!

You may now gaze upon the Retropolitan with awe:

Oooooo, ahhhhhhh!

Retro Lives on Inside the Tarquinio Kitchen

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At Big Chill we put a modern twist on retro, but we also hold a special place in our heart for authentic vintage! We were more than impressed when we came across the Tarquinio retro kitchen from Richmond, Indiana—we couldn’t believe it was still functioning so well 60 years later. Not to mention the design has our nostalgic hearts aflutter! Take a look through this fabulously vintage kitchen and tell us what you think in the comments—we hope you are just as captivated as we were!

Pin Big Chill on Pinterest

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No need to set down your wine glasses ladies, you heard us right! We are now pinning with our own Pinterest account! If you’re a Pinterest fanatic with love for all things retro then you won’t want to miss out—follow us on Pinterest (click here to view: to see our latest styles and product news as well as view cool design ideas and other vintage kitchens. Who knows, you might just become pin-spired to put a new retro spin on your kitchen!

Do you have other pin-sprational ideas for us to pin? Let us know in the comments below!

Kitchen Cousins TV Show Starring Big Chill!

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The appliances you’ve seen on your favorite television shows are ready for your kitchen!

Kitchen Cousins

Kitchen Cousins is one of our favorite television shows, and not just because they seem to like Big Chill appliances as much as we do. In any kitchen design those handsome cousins have created, the Big Chill refrigerator or stove have fit in seamlessly. We like to think it is because our vintage-inspired appliances are timeless, but we know that it could be because the Kitchen Cousins are pretty talented, too.

Unfortunately, we can’t all have the Kitchen Cousins design our kitchens for us. But the Big Chill appliances they use are available for everyone. Other celebrities have used us in their own kitchens, which you can check out here. Or read through some of our clients’ testimonials to see why Big Chill appliances are used by many popular television shows like the Kitchen Cousins.