The Retro Room: 3 Tips to Accent Your Kitchen with Orange

We L-O-V-E orange at Big Chill, but its bold statement might seem a little on the wild side to those who are more attuned to white. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 3 tips that will help create the orangeinspiration you’ve been looking for. We guarantee you’ll think twice before overlooking orange after glancing through these ideas.

1.  Creamy Greys, Yellows and Reds

Check out this pretty color palate from They have hundreds of beautiful palates to admire, but we deem this little vibrant display perfect when working with our Big Chill Orange.

2.  Easy Decorations

You don’t have to frequent an art gallery to find vibrant inspirations for your orange kitchen; something as simple as a bowl of oranges or a vase of flowers can do the trick.

3.  Add Some Character

Not to say your Big Chill Fridge doesn’t have enough character of its own, but check out this neat clock we found at! Its fun design goes great with our retro vibe and makes a great addition to a bare wall.

We hope these ideas got those wheels turning in your head and inspired you with some fun creative decoration solutions. Now be not afraid orange lovers—go out and create the orange kitchen of your dreams!

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