The Big Chill Vent Hood

Salmon smells delicious when it’s cooking, but no one wants to smell it all day long. The high-powered Big Chill Vent Hood lets you fry, sizzle, sear and sauté favorite foods like fish without the worry of aromas overstaying their welcome. Our vent hood powerfully draws cooking smells from the stovetop out of the kitchen, and offers the largest filtered capture you can have in your home kitchen. The stainless steel Hood comes with variable blow control, and performs quietly even at its highest setting.  The 30” Hood fits perfectly above our Big Chill 30” range, and is built to match all Big Chill appliances in both color and design. Choose from a 10” or 15” height, and from 8 standard or 200 custom Big Chill colors.


The Vent Hood shown below in jadite green completes the look of this full Big Chill kitchen, and is fresh against the white cabinets.


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