Sweet Big Chill Kitchen Looks & Recipes

Even after Valentine’s Day, love is in the air all month long with Big Chill. Check out this gallery of kitchen looks we love, and sweet recipes to go along with them. Click on the kitchens for more Big Chill styles on our Pinterest page, and on the treats for delicious recipes.



We love the way this full Big Chill kitchen brightens up this open floor plan. Beach blue looks great against the rich wood finishes, and the bowl of lemons on the table is a fresh finishing touch.

This recipe for lemon squares is a fresh favorite we know you’ll love too.




We love the look of the Original fridge in buttercup yellow against the blue-and-white checkerboard floors, and the crisp white cabinets in this 1950s style kitchen.


Love this buttercup yellow Big Chill kitchen? Treat yourself to these buttery, delicious heart shaped cookies anytime you’re feeling the love!


This charming kitchen looks sweet with our pink Original, and stove. Complete with a retro stand mixer, this kitchen is a baker’s dream.

Want to sweeten up your kitchen? Try this recipe for strawberry cupcakes.


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