Retro Kitchen Remodel

It’s long been known that remodeling your kitchen makes the single biggest impact on the value of your home. Even way back in the 60′s, people were writing about how a pop of color in your home can increase happiness, so why not combine the two?  A retro remodel of your kitchen brings in color and a sense of fun and happiness to the most frequently used room in your house.

If you’re going for the complete look, retro remodels can include vintage artwork, or a retro dining set.  We’re especially fond of the added touch that the yellow and green tile adds to the kitchen on the left, a near perfect vintage remodel.  The retro look can be fun, colorful and even modern.

Of course once the walls are painted, the floor is finished and you’ve picked out the artwork, you’re not really finished.  A kitchen without appliances is, well let’s face it, just another room.  The Big Chill product line has expanded over the past few years and thanks to our new Big Chill Stove (and matching vent hood) you can now outfit your newly remodeled retro kitchen with a full line of our retro appliances.  Our vintage-inspired dishwasher combines the iconic look of a 50’s style retro dishwasher with all of the amenities of a modern unit.  And of course, no retro remodel would be complete without the belle of the ball: a Big Chill retro refrigerator.

So keep sending us pictures of your retro kitchen remodels, and we’ll keep dreaming up retro-inspired products that fit your modern lifestyle.

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