Pretty in…White? A Peek at Drew Barrymore’s Kitchen

At Big Chill we’re known for bright colors, but that doesn’t mean we skip on tradition. Check out the traditional white color Drew Barrymore sports in her kitchen. This kitchen features colorful walls and cabinets, which create beautiful accents for the lovely centerpiece: the Big Chill fridge. Her pretty chandelier and cute kitchenware also act as stunning highlights to the main attraction. White doesn’t have to be boring—a lesson we’ve learned from Drew Barrymore herself.

Love the look? Try it out for yourself! The only thing she may be missing is a matching dishwasher and stove—a girl’s got to eat after all!

6 Responses to “Pretty in…White? A Peek at Drew Barrymore’s Kitchen”

  1. sandra holland

    please send a catalog/broshure to:

    sandra holland
    1808 s. 118th street
    seattle, washington

    thank you in advance
    sandra holland

  2. sandra holland

    i forgot to list my apartment number in my address –
    it is apartment #107-1808 s. 118th street. seattle, washington, 98168-1268. thank you

    sandra holland

    i am interested in receiving a catalog and/or

  3. susan widmayer

    LOVE the look!!! Great kitchen colors and a wonderful Big Chill Fridge that just jumps out for completing the great kitchen!

  4. Vicky A. Williams

    That’s a lousy picture. The glare off her window distorts the fridge and that’s what you wanted to show us! Better pic or different angle or something…

  5. Suzanne

    Not fair, Drew Barrymore…….someday I wish I could have my own BIG CHILL fridge and stove……sigh.

  6. Becky Cagle

    I would like to know if your stoves also come electric?? I don’t have gas at my house. Thank you:)Love everything about Big Chill!!

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