Can’t Have A Gas Range? Big Chill Has A Solution!

Big Chill gas ranges offer more precise cooking control than any electric range.

If you love the look of the Big Chill stove but can’t have gas appliances in your home, a little creativity can make your Big Chill dreams happen!

Combining our 30” electric wall oven with a drop-in electric cook-top is a great solution. You get the same oven capacity of our 30” gas stove and the space saving range/oven combination without requiring any gas hookups.

This solution is ideal for condos that don’t allow gas appliances, for small kitchens, and anyone who prefers an electric cook-top. Installation of the drop-in cook-top is simple, and once in place will give you a fully functional—and fully electric—Big Chill stove!

We’re always innovating at Big Chill, and until a fully electric Big Chill stove can be engineered, combining our electric wall oven with a drop-in electric range is a simple way to get the Big Chill oven and cook-top of your dreams!

The History of the Fridge

The road to refrigeration that brought us to where we are today required major ingenuity and innovation. Check out this timeline of the refrigerator for a look into the early days of the fridge, and to see what inspired our Modern Made Classics of today!

The Ice House

One of the earliest forms of refrigeration was the Ice House. People would gather snow or ice from the surrounding mountains and rivers and store it in structures like the one shown below. An ideal Ice House would be near a river or stream, and deep in the ground to maximize refrigeration.



The Ice Box

It wasn’t until the 1800’s that there was a way to store ice inside a home when The Icebox was introduced, and gained popularity quickly. Most Ice Boxes were made of wood with an interior lined with tin, cork or zinc. Many people used sawdust or seaweed to help keep their blocks of ice cooler, longer. Because the ice would eventually melt, a drip tray was placed underneath the icebox to catch melt. The tray had to be frequently emptied.




The Electric Refrigerator
While the use of the Ice Box lasted into the 20’s & ‘30’s, an alternate form of refrigeration was introduced during this time. It was an electric refrigerator with a cooling unit on top. Because they could not be mass-produced electric fridges were quite expensive and were mainly owned by the wealthy.


The Refrigerator We Know Today

The 1940’s brought the refrigerator we recognize today. The bottom-cooling refrigerator was mass-produced, making it more affordable than refrigerators of the past. It was the first time in history that the majority of Americans owned a refrigerator.  The refrigerator of the 1940s brought safe food storage to the American home, and set a standard of food safety.



The Fridge We Know and LOVE

Since the 1950’s improvements in style and performance have continued to bring consumers design-conscious, energy-efficient refrigerators to choose from. Love the look of the 1950s but want all the modern amenities of today?  Big Chill is the fridge for you. Our Modern Made Classics give a nod to past and give you the sleek style, and top performance you need for today’s kitchen!


We’ve Moved! Take A Look At Our New Warehouse

Big Chill has moved to a bigger warehouse workspace! We still call beautiful Boulder, Colorado home, and now have even more space to chill out.

Because Big Chill refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves are assembled right in Boulder, the new warehouse gives us the increased capacity for assembly and storage we need to serve our clients even better.

Take a look at the photo gallery below to see where the Big Chill magic happens at our new warehouse and offices.

We like to keep it colorful. These RAL color samples hang in our main office, and double as wall art!

 This is the hallway that connects our offices, and leads to the warehouse.

This shot is from inside our spacious warehouse. This is where we store, and assemble all fridges, dishwashers, and microwaves.

This is the view from behind our warehouse: Beautiful Boulder Colorado!

Big Chill Fridge Featured in Artist’s Home

New York Magazine’s Spring Design issue is celebration of seasonal style, and we’re so excited to be featured in it! Among the spaces showcased is the springy Big Chill kitchen of renowned artist Kathy Ruttenberg.

Kathy Ruttenberg’s work brings together the natural and the whimsical—and her home design is no exception. With eclectic charm and one-of-a-kind pieces, Kathy’s home is a feast for the eyes.

In the feature, a photo gallery welcomes viewers into Ruttneberg’s upstate New York home, and into her Big Chill kitchen. White country chic cabinetry, playful window treatments, and an artful area rug (made by Kathy) give the space whimsy and warmth—and our white Original fridge brings the chill. The retro polish of the Original in white brings a modern edge to the design.

We are thrilled to be a part of the magazine’s Spring Design issue, and to see our fridge in artist Kathy Ruttenberg’s home. Click on the photo below to view the photos from the issue. For more about Kathy’s home design, and work, click here.


Treat Yourself to Summer Style—and Sweet Eats

Summer is about fun. With over 200 customizable and 8 classic colors to choose from, you can style your Big Chill kitchen for year-round fun. Check out some of our favorite summer colors, and if you want to stir up some summer fun, try the seasonally sweet recipes that match!

Give your old banana bread recipe a break and try these fast, easy, and delicious banana cup

You won’t disappoint when you bake your favorite treats with this Wall Oven in Buttercup Yellow.

 Cool down with this delicious frozen lime torte, a perfect mix of citrus and berry that willdazzle your taste buds (and your dinner guests)!

The possibilities are endless with this Jadeite Green Stove. From gourmet to simple home cooking, this stove will help make your dream meals come true.

Try this twist on a classic summertime beverage turned dessert. These Raspberry Lemonade Bars are a perfect cool treat on a hot summer day.

The Original size Fridge in Pink is fun twist on retro, and is sure to refresh your kitchen style this summer.


Add Home Value With Your Dream Kitchen

Updating your kitchen with Big Chill appliances creates a design you’ll love. It turns out you may love it even more when it comes time to sell your home.  According to Remodeling Magazine, kitchen remodels on average recoup 75.4% of renovation costs at time of sale. While this value is subject to market conditions, what doesn’t change is that homebuyers are more willing to pay asking price for homes with updated kitchens.

Potential homebuyers appreciate that updating kitchen appliances can be costly. With that in mind, choosing to update your kitchen with well-crafted, durable, design-conscious appliances like the Big Chill line before you sell will give your home a boost when you place it on the market.

For more specific data on how remodeling adds to home value, click here. To view the complete line of Big Chill appliances, and to find the color for your home, click here!





Things We Like for Spring

Spring is in full swing. In honor of the season, check out these Things We Like ranging from springy colors and fresh patterns, to great ideas for enjoying the season. For more, be sure to follow Big Chill on Pinterest!

We really like the crisp colors, and clean patterns of these spring inspired throw pillows. Complementary hues and prints add texture, and bring spring indoors.

Using your favorite colors, you can transform your dining table for spring. We like how this table uses fresh flowers, and fun paper cut outs to bring the spring inside.

Combing fresh fruit and flowers for springtime centerpieces is a great idea. The lemons really make this floral arrangement pop.

Riding bikes is a great way to enjoy the springtime weather. This stylish pink cruiser is ready for fun, and the basket of cherry tulips tops it all off.

Big Chill Dealers

In addition to direct sales from our Boulder, Colorado headquarters, Big Chill has teamed up with many enthusiastic dealers across the country to bring our Modern Made Classics right to you. Our team of over 30 dealers is growing as we are, so if there isn’t a dealer in your area yet, give us a call in Boulder to place your order—and stay tuned; we are always adding quality retailers to the Big Chill family.

Whether ordered through our Boulder office, from Adirondack Appliance in Saratoga Springs, NY or Antique Stove Shop in Ventura, CA, every Big Chill appliance is handcrafted and made in the USA.  All fridges and microwaves are assembled in Boulder, and the stoves, ovens and dishwashers are assembled in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Click on the map below to locate a dealer in your area, or give us a call at 1-877-842-3269 for information and orders.

The Big Chill Stove Now Available In A 36”, Six-Burner Model!

The retro look and modern functionality of the Big Chill stove is now available in a 36” model. Boasting six powerful burners, the 36” has full-motion grates for lift-free sliding of pots from burner to burner, has precision controlled gas flames, and has a high-performance 30,000 BTU convection oven perfect for baking.

The new 36” stove gives you the cooking space you need to prepare sauces, sear meats, boil water, and more—all on one surface. The 36” stove’s six high-powered burners combined wit its 30,000 BTU oven make it a cook’s dream appliance.

Like all Big Chill ovens, the 36” has precise convection cooking, a fully extendable rack for easy cleaning, and a sturdy American-made stainless steel body. With the spacious 30” model able to accommodate a commercial 18” x 26” baking sheet, imagine what you can bake in the 36” oven!

Like all Big Chill appliances, the 36” stove is available in 8 standard or 200 custom colors.

Spring Is In the Air With Big Chill

With winter winding down, now is a great time to put some spring into your kitchen style. From Big Chill’s 8 standard colors and over 190 custom options, you can choose a spring-inspired hue you’ll love year round.

Check out the gallery of springy Big Chill kitchen looks, and some coordinating DIY designs you can try. Click on the kitchen images to be taken to our Pinterest page, and on the designs for how-to instructions. Happy Spring from Big Chill!

This Original fridge in custom yellow brings a splash of spring to this streamlined kitchen. We think the fridge looks great across from the red brick accent wall.

To bring some springy yellow to your kitchen, try adding your favorite printed paper to the back of a hutch like this one. This look is spring inspired, but is a great addition to your kitchen year round!

Blue is a springtime favorite, and this Original in blue adds a splash of spring to this renovated kitchen. We like the blue and white marbled backsplash, too!

This DIY spring blue chevron rug is a functional accent piece perfect for spring kitchen decorating in any kitchen.

This Original in jadite brings the green of spring indoors, and adds soft color to this stainless steel kitchen.

We love how easy this DIY green apple arrangement is. It would look great on your dinner table or on your countertop, and add a fresh touch of spring green to any kitchen.