What’s Your Color?

Fridge Rainbow

Color is more than just aesthetics; it’s personality.  And we’re all about personality with our appliances.  Find out which color of fridge works best with your unique flavor!


Your clean taste makes any kitchen look classy.


You’re an energetic, passionate person who loves your kitchen to be the star of your home.


You’ve got the boldness of a red personality and the happiness of a yellow.


Happiness radiates from every inch of you and your kitchen.


You’re the master of comfort.  And we all know the best comfort comes from the kitchen.


Calm like Bob Marley, and smart like Einstein.  You’re Balbert Meinstienley!


Love and friendship are your two best buddies.  That and an awesome pink fridge.


Everything you do is sharp, strong, and sophisticated.

Retro-Remodeling Guide

Ever dream of remodeling your kitchen without having to turn your home upside down? Here’s some useful tips from Lauryn, one of our Big Chill fans.

Retro-Remodel Kitchen

1.  It’s your kitchen, do what you’ve always wanted to do.

Always dreamed of Cracked Ice counter tops, but never had a chance to make them a reality? Now’s the time to cash in on all those kitchen aspirations you’ve silently schemed for so long. This is your new kitchen, your new empire of possibilities. Make it your own.

2.  Don’t be afraid to get creative. If you want a fridge where the washer should be, make it happen.


3.  Hate your old décor? Tear it out.

Your mother-in-law might love those old drapes, but your mother-in-law doesn’t have to look at them every morning. If those old door handles don’t fit into your marvelous vision of a dream kitchen, get rid of them. There’s no point in forcing yourself to endure ugly décor. Remember this is your kitchen, own it.

4.  It’s okay to use old reference material for your design guide.

So many buried treasures hide inside old 40s and 50s magazines and ads. It’s okay to delve deep into the past for inspiration.

5.  One man’s goat trough is another woman’s vintage kitchen sink. Keep your eyes open.

Goat Man's Kitchen

That’s right. This kitchen sink was once used as a run-down goat trough. With a little spit and shine, it’s become a classic keystone in this kitchen’s repertoire.

Add A Little Retro To Your Christmas List

Looking for some vintage accessories for your Big Chill kitchen?  Check out these simple ideas to add a little retro-style to your kitchen this holiday season!

Lighting fixtures are an effective way to spotlight the retro flair in your kitchen.

Often, a vintage timepiece will do the trick.

A set of vintage aluminum tumblers will instantly take you back a few decades.

A nice cool sip of lemonade always taste better when it’s poured from a beautiful retro pitcher.

Say yes to retro towels!

Eating with retro flatware will definitely take you back to grandma’s cooking.

Why not add a little 50’s dazzle to your kitchen wardrobe?

Some vintage canisters are perfect to accentuate the colors and chrome of Big Chill appliances.

Your Kitchen Is The Center Of Your Home…Make It Shine

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens.  We cook, clean, socialize, console, surf the web, along with a buffet of other activities. In other words, the kitchen is where we multitask. As a result of this trend, builders are designing kitchens to be more comfortable and stylish. In a 2010 survey, the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence discovered that 30 percent of adults considered the kitchen to be the center of activity in their home.  So if we are spending so much time in our kitchen, perhaps we ought to focus a little more on making them livable and beautiful. In her article, “The Kitchen as Command Center”, columnist Marni Jameson suggests seven ways to make your kitchen more livable, see his 7 ways below.

Treat it like a living space. Kitchens should look like extensions of living and family rooms. Hang ornamental mirrors, artwork and chandeliers; add cabinetry that looks like furniture

Soften up. To offset a kitchen’s hard surfaces, add upholstered benches, easy chairs and pillows. They invite people to do what they do in the kitchen anyway — hang out. If you add an upholstered bench or build one in for table seating, beware: This won’t work if your table has four legs, because getting in and out could reduce your ability to have children. Only put a bench with a trestle table.

Make way for a laptop. In the past four years, the number of people using laptops in their kitchens has almost doubled, from 6 percent in 2006 to 11 percent in 2010, according to the RICKI survey. Thus, a laptop station is a must and great to have when checking a kid’s game schedule or searching for a recipe online.

Install a nerve center. Today’s kitchens must have a dedicated place where household members can plug in televisions and laptops, dock iPods and recharge cell phones, says Zaveloff.

Open the access. Kitchens should ideally be situated adjacent to mudrooms, dining rooms and family rooms. These spaces should share flow and connection. If the door between the kitchen and family room is small, remove the door, widen the opening and add casings or an arch. In the dining room, plan sightlines so guests feel connected to the kitchen but can’t see the dishes.

Think activity zones. Besides cooking and casual eating, create zones for homework, the laptop, media entertainment, and a little business — all activities that now happen in the kitchen.

Pull up to the island. Nine times out of 10 a kitchen island is where neighbors settle in to visit, or kids pull up for a chat. “People connect in the kitchen,” says Zaveloff. “A certain comfort happens in there. You just can’t get the same feeling in the living room.”

We’d of course add beautiful and vibrant Big Chill appliances to the list of must-haves for a livable and loveable kitchen.

Life Is Better In COLOR

Beautiful colors make beautiful kitchens. Lucky for you, our appliances are available in hundreds of colors that can transform a dull kitchen into a vibrant work of art.

The first step to finding the right color for your kitchen is to get some inspiration from the beautiful kitchens on our Pinterest board.

The next step is to check out our custom colors.

And finally, for only $5 you can order a metal powder-coated sample.