Make A Happy Kitchen

The kitchen is definitely the most used room in the house, which means that it is guaranteed to become the messiest too. A dirty kitchen can cause stress, safety hazards, and can be more expensive by replacing items you can’t find. Here are some tips to make your kitchen and family happier

Tips for Organizing

1. Sometimes you just need to start from scratch. Empty out the contents of your kitchen onto a table and start from there!

Even if you only have time to organize the fridge, start on that. You’ll be less stressed when making tonight’s dinner

2. Discard items that you haven’t seen since last Christmas, you probably won’t be using them much if you haven’t already.

3. When you are putting items back, put them in places that make sense. It’s easier to have pots and pans by the stove than on the opposite side of the kitchen.

Get creative with your space. You can use pullout drawers or Lazy Susans to save space.

4. Once you get to your food storage, make sure you get rid of the older items. Replace store containers with tupperware as these will sit nicely on top of each other and take up less room. In the freezer, put bags in clear containers so you can see what you’re about to grab and keep them all in one place.

5. Once you have your kitchen set up the way you want it, try to clean up on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean that you have to power clean everyday, just picking up the few items after dinner makes it that much less stressful the next day when you walk in.

 Having an organized and clean kitchen often seems impossible with the crazy lives we lead but you can begin to enjoy the center of your house once again.


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