Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Looking for simple, budget friendly ways to update your Big Chill kitchen? Check out these quick, fun tips to give your kitchen a new look.

1. Paint the cabinetry
Removing existing cabinetry is pricey. To achieve the same effect as a full renovation, try sanding down and painting your existing cabinets. A fresh finish, and a color change can go along way in updating your space.

2. Change the hardware on your cabinets
Changing out the hardware on your cabinetry is a fun and simple way to spruce up your kitchen space. Standard cabinet knobs are easily removed, and can be affordably replaced with colorful glass knobs, painted porcelain & more. Your local hardware, or specialty home ware store should have a large selection!

3. Paint an accent wall
Instead of adding a bold overall wall color to your kitchen, try painting an accent wall in your favorite color—like jadite green! Adding a burst of color to a sidewall, or adding fresh white to the trim is simple, and will give your space new life.

4. Get organized—in style
A simple, and useful way to change the look of your kitchen is to organize it! Declutter the junk, and choose creative and stylish storage solutions that can double as design pieces. Woven baskets, metal cubes, and space-saving open shelving are great for organization, and can bring some style to your kitchen.

5. Change out the fixtures
Love your Big Chill appliances, but feel lukewarm about your kitchen sink? Updating your sink and faucet is a (slightly more expensive) way to get the rest of your kitchen up to style speed.

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