Do-It-Yourself Projects for Your Retro Kitchen

Want to bring more of the retro look you love to your Big Chill kitchen? With do-it-yourself projects, and a little creativity you can add vintage touches to modern home items to create unique pieces for your retro room.

We searched Pinterest, and found some great DIY kitchen design projects that are simple, and are sure to complement your Big Chill appliances. Check out the DIY projects we’ve repinned to our “Things We Like” board—and, if you’re feeling crafty, give the projects a try. Click on the images below to learn how to make these designs.

DIY Retro Canisters The style of these canisters is straight out of a 1950s kitchen. With some paint, you can transform everyday containers to bring vintage inspired designs like this to your room.
DIY Retro Clock You can create a retro wall clock for your kitchen with a serving platter or tray. This linen finished tray with red accents makes a clock that pops against a white kitchen. What colors would you choose to go along with your Big Chill kitchen?

DIY Retro Clock This quatrefoil print rug is a fresh, modern take on a classic retro pattern. With some paint, and a little tape you can create this vintage-inspired rug for your retro kitchen. What color would you choose for your kitchen?






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