Can’t Have A Gas Range? Big Chill Has A Solution!

Big Chill gas ranges offer more precise cooking control than any electric range.

If you love the look of the Big Chill stove but can’t have gas appliances in your home, a little creativity can make your Big Chill dreams happen!

Combining our 30” electric wall oven with a drop-in electric cook-top is a great solution. You get the same oven capacity of our 30” gas stove and the space saving range/oven combination without requiring any gas hookups.

This solution is ideal for condos that don’t allow gas appliances, for small kitchens, and anyone who prefers an electric cook-top. Installation of the drop-in cook-top is simple, and once in place will give you a fully functional—and fully electric—Big Chill stove!

We’re always innovating at Big Chill, and until a fully electric Big Chill stove can be engineered, combining our electric wall oven with a drop-in electric range is a simple way to get the Big Chill oven and cook-top of your dreams!

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