Big Chill Arrives in Europe

After five years of design work and engineering we are excited to announce the Big Chill European fridge! This fresh design has the retro American style Big Chill is known for but is tailored to fit European kitchens.

The taller, leaner European model is one of the biggest compared to its counterparts. At 190 cm, it fits into most kitchen spaces with a large interior suited for a family kitchen. This beautiful Big Chill fridge holds a total of 423 liters.

The 1950s Chevy-inspired finish is offered in cherry red, buttercup yellow, pink lemonade, classic white, orange, beach blue, jadite green and classic black. It is sure to bring more color and style to kitchens across Europe.

The fridge will be available in most European countries and shipping costs will vary by region. Visit for a quote and more info.

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