Ben & Jerry’s Factory Features Big Chill

We are so excited Ben & Jerry’s features our Big Chill fridge at their Waterbury, Vermont factory. Our beach blue fridge can be seen during the tour of the factory, where a custom-sized freezer holds pints of the world-famous ice cream.

Each year thousands of visitors flock to Vermont to see how Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is made (and to taste the samples!). A visit to the factory gives tourists a behind-the-scenes look at where America’s ice cream guys got their start over 30 years ago.

Since the 1970’s Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has been a family favorite and we at Big Chill are proud to be included in their history. With beloved flavors like Cherry Garcia, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is a delicious blast from the past that is still popular today. As lovers of retro we especially appreciate how their ice cream keeps a tasty tradition alive today, one delicious scoop at a time!
Ben & Jerry's Big Chill


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